The New Genre, SHADOW, started by the book:

I think it is straight out horror, as horrible as Frankenstein's first appearance. Yet, it crosses into a new genre unnamed as Frankenstein started. Transient State crosses into Horror, Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and Past Dystopia...and it creeps into your mind and speaks to your own personal shadow. It was written from the world of personal shadows and makes that so conscious it is beyond a seed, it is the forest and it's darkness (as dark as the forest the character sneaks through in the second chapter of the book), wondering where the monster will seep.

Even her second book,
Jane World, labeled Fantasy (very much a fantasy collection of short stories) also deals with the shadow of a suppressed female, step by step becoming her own hero, played out in flash fiction travels of a land never seen before, just like the opening of Transient State starts in a land never seen before. Jane world even glimpses discussions of powers in the shadow and what it folds the hero into (in the second unreleased book).

This genre that she seems to write all her works in, is still quite new and studied. Her poetry hits it stronger than any other form. Her Twitter Page and Poetry Blog has been regularly posting poetry, and her first poetry book to be out soon (the next book to be released). She says she doesn't even know how her sentences will end as she begins them. This is a common way to write, but she has embraced it as her life's path has had her accepting her darkness just to survive, and eventually thrive. She had been bed ridden ill and if she did not go through such dark nights of the soul, would have passed before completing her current works.

She says she leaves it to the ability to learn so many ways of love, that has helped her heal. This is felt in her works, despite the horror and darkness. A calming and urgent surge to eat up as many stories as you can find, because in the end, your whole life is changing too. She says she has surprised many a psycho-therapist in how much she quantum leaps forward through her pains into her light again, with brilliance. For example, the story of how she shut off her over-triggered “fight or flight” response (once one explained to her what her PTSD was doing inside her). She stopped her “animal brain” from being awake in that
fight or flight response all the time (and making her so ill). She had characters in her head continuously, so adding a character, by turning her animal brain into a cat (because cat’s can easily be imagined sleeping) and asking her spirit guides and guardians to help her keep it asleep. When trauma triggers her, her action of seeing if her cat was still asleep stopped the trigger. Now, she doesn’t even think of the cat (as her animal brain remains shut off) and each new “anxiety” is new again and she is no longer chained to her animal.

Though her work, even her painting and illustrations, have never moved anyone to heal any faster than they wish or they feel able to. Her works are a dark beauty, as a shadow can become.

Have you ever experienced a hidden inside you, or the very brush strokes under a tree? It is greater than watching the clouds reforming over and over as you daydream under them. There are plants, insects and birds bathing under any canopy. In these stories, they are surreal, yet more real, instead of beyond real. They are us, our shadows, a deserved title to this new genre,

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Author Website

This is Midniyte's site.  I am also known as M.D.R. Gregg, because I like the sound of it, but many like my first name too.  Midniyte Dark Raven Gregg, as it says on my license.  I still don't know why they put both my middle names on there and not just my initials.  I am as I seem.  I am also as deep as my dark eyes.  Intense is a favorite adjective of many people passing through my life, often when they want me to be a little less so.  Well, as fun or as warped as some of my stories are, I have an intensity underneath.  I like to use it to surprise my reader here and there.  Intensity is best served with shock if you can, and I can.
Yes, you've heard I'm in the autism spectrum and no one can decide if Aspergers is going to stay the title.  I like how Rudy Simone says it: 'Aspergirl' (as she has titled her book).  So I've mentioned it, I've confirmed it, now let's move on.  The important thing to know about my brain is that I think differently, therefore I've already got a head start when it comes to bringing you something no one's ever done before.
I remember making a speech in English class in my Senior year.  I chose to prove (for my Senior research paper) that vampires really exist. During the speech part, I went into details about real diseases that make people seek out and crave another's blood, and provided evidence of these scenes throughout history.  Well, I didn't think anything of what I was saying because it did not bother me and I found it interesting; because research is interesting in general.  Several people had to run to the restroom after my speech, evidently to throw up.  I got an A++ on my speech.  The teacher said she wanted to give me higher than 100% but couldn't.  Anyway, that was when I first realized I thought differently to others and that I also went darker than others felt comfortable with. I can't promise this is in all my stories, because I don't always write horror, but the place that they come from brings other things as well. All of it is part of the ride.  
Look around and find my pictures and links.  I will share as much as I can, as often as I can on here.  
I'm a big fan of Eastern Medicine and Self Healing.  I had to crawl out of a lot of hard life after all.  I did it too - one solid step at a time.  Now I write about all the things that were in there, with a dash of the real hero in me that got me out of it.  It is my greatest pleasure when my work and stories give you relief, a healing.  All this work I've done on myself and every inch of tired I've felt, was worth it if it heals you. I've been titled a 'Wounded Healer,' which means because I've healed, I can heal others.  It is my plan anyway.
How do I get into these places in order to give a story (how do I get my mind ready to write)?  I'd say it takes a moment, just a moment, and then I can trigger a rush of world to be told.  It starts with a warm tea.  I like a spicy one.  Then I turn on the music; I go to an internet radio of my taste,; search, you may find one just right for you.  Then I space off and the computer is right there to start writing. But if I need a moment, I'll write some micro poems on my twitter page (look for link).  Usually they don't have anything to do with what I'm writing.  I dump what's blocking anything: emotions, burdens, obsessions, excitement, and love.  Sometimes I'll capture a dream that lingered.  Other times, I just hear a line and start. I do that until it stops coming, then I get to my work.  I feel out a time limit to do this.  Sometimes it is 10 minutes and other times a ½ hour.  Then I keep to it.  If my gut says, 'It is only resistance left (if anything)',then I just start.  Once I start, my limit is then to commit until I've achieved my set pages or written as many stories as I have listed to work on for the night.
My biggest current goal?  To find a way to earn what I need, so that I can fund my own movie.  I'll hire my favorite director if the interest is mutual, then leave it in the director's hands, with only a general location restriction (Colorado - within 2 hours of where I live) and a budget restriction.  That's it.  It would be all the director's baby after that.  Doesn't that sound like the most beautiful thing ever?  I have a small stack of horror movies growing in my corner, and in between my scripts and micro poems, there will also be the novels I bring to you.
Thank you for your interest, now look around.