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I love the challenge, wouldn't you? It is simple in form, but intense in the discovery of it. I would love to do this Entertainment Article Thing, out there somewhere, regularly beating my head against the stream of social media. In this, let's just promote myself direction, it is a bit of a mind bender, and I embrace that it is. That is why I keep it. Yes, it is bi-monthly now, but I get really into the push for ideas that you would want me to chat about here. This is where I put the articles that I have a press-pass for, even though I've rarely pulled that thing out.

I know that one day it won't be a challenge and I will still love it as much as something like my doing of poetry is, that I master, but always finding the peak of what I could be in poetry (or other mastering). I want to give myself constant permission to learn even more on anything; even if I have mastered the subject three times by now and put my 30,000 equivalent hours into. I would start my next 10,000 hours, is all.

I've expressed that I am a Feminist, and I've marked the Stars in the sky. I have also gone behind the action in the smallest of towns in a state in the U.S.A. Where will this year bring me to go? I could interview, find a music position, or just talk about store cats. What have you thought of before, lifting that magazine off of the supermarket rack to see what they are saying about the eye-catching photo on the front, full of
what are they doing on it? That's where I feel I already am, here, regularly presented on the twitter rack for you to grab. How about a store cat that a charity runs, and the cat trained himself right into a therapy cat as the customers needs were met in their regular greetings of him? That would be sweet right?

I walk into little stories like these every day now. I like that my idea of a writing challenge has lead me right to such lovely experiences. I've even noticed my favorite shows; respected fond actors even more; and views I find brave coming before the public eye; are fuller experiences now. I am filled with joy in where this is leading me. Are you going to wait here, on this blog, baited for my next view? I am, and I am waiting like on a park bench in a quiet park, to see who is going to walk by.
People watching in print.

I personally would love to write a story with an upsurge of store pets, because people want to go back to a time when pets and children ran through all the little
Ma and Pa stores throughout the exits along interstates and highways across the United States. Inside, it was warm, and their home was near, either on the backside, upstairs, basement, or in walking distance of the store you found the rock candy on the counter that you didn't need but really wanted for the rest of your ride back to the next town. They are coming back I think, because if small towns are gaining life and we can hear heart beats again, as my mentioned exodus (in a previous article) is a reverse wave now, why wouldn't the rest of such life, but with a smaller world vibe and higher tech lacing to it?

I could definitely bring together an understanding of the Entrepreneur, whether a real estate idea, an internet store, or selling themselves to get their book noticed, there is a definite type of strength in these characters. I'm sure the regular time clock stamping person would like to know what makes these freelancers, lone drivers, tick. For that matter, I think these
wet-blanket immune personalities, would like to know a bit more about each other too. It is my idea of a campfire conversation or several.

I like to write stories that if anyone would stop a moment and look at their day that they are in right now, that there is a story there, that wants to be read off the twitter rack. As someone is out there sorting their merchandise to be noticed and someone else is noticing it and buying it, there is something there too. Someone is always straightening those things you are admiring so neatly on the shelf and didn't put back the same. Why did you notice it and why did you buy or not buy it? Is it only sales, or is it something else? See, how many of you bought something today? What was next to the register, besides magazines, or a sleeping cat?


SPECIAL: Micro-Revolutions Count

Micro-Revolutions Count

Micro-Revolutions Count

I decided to go to a small town Board of Trustees meeting, in Arriba, CO. I wanted to see the micro-scale subtleties that we deal with more noticeably on the macro-scale. I wrote about these views recently in my Entertainment Blog at www.midniyte.com. The reason I felt moved to investigate, is I felt deeply about the problems in politics we are all sharing, no matter our affiliation. I am as moved as the rest of my generation (X) and the two generations after mine (Millennials and Z's), to fix what seems to have gotten quite malignant in the country we love, but didn't know how to heal it until now. We've tried screaming and voting and art, to express our desires to grow in a different direction than the muck we seem to be stuck in. Isn't “muck” the word too? It describes perfectly the toxic take-over of our government from the toxic people we've discovered are not as caring or representing as they want us to think.

That is why when we vote, we feel voting voting has become a joke rather than an option. Our elected officials ignore us. We, as “we” are our government, designed voting to speak for the popular decision (then three branches designed to check and balance each other) and not have a lynch mob made out of our council (toward laws instead of 'mob induced fear' driving actual hangings). It is the same thinking though. These would be the same people that would follow each other with the the rope they all held, looking for the person that made everything feel “different” than their denial and preached perspectives. We are not the government that allowed the bullies and bosses that watched at the end of the ballot box to see what color marble you dropped in, anymore.

Why is that? We are a
free, evolving country with a well written, flexible government (liberty) contract with the people to allow for redress through the courts, and revolutions and evolutions as necessary. It is called our constitution and the bill of rights. This is why voting is private and supposed to be protected ballots. This is why City Councils and Town Boards (micro-version of our Congress) are not allowed to make laws that are repugnant to our constitution, US or state; and they are to be checked by a Mayor/executive. It takes a certain percentage of states or voters to challenge any law or change amendments (it is called a Constitutional Convention), and inside these states and counties, down to a city (town) level, so can a certain percentage in these smallest of towns, demand a vote on such laws (or ordinances). Board of Trustees make legislation, with checks and balances keeping them on track, because the people are the government.

This is what took me across my state, into the prairies people forgot that Colorado even has, and lived where I too wanted to call a place like this home. Frustration was definitely found in more than one of these little towns; to a polarizing degree, about how they wanted their town to be and how to evolve ordinances back into community directions. People aren't being silent about their governments lack of transparency anymore! We, as a nation, are sick of our political choices and what we've been witnessing on the macro level, so much that we are looking to where and how we can make a big difference and stop it at its smallest level. These meeting halls are getting more crowded, and the witnesses are not going to be quiet anymore. Be sure to know, if this is how you feel, you are not alone. Find someone in your town or in a neighboring town, to give you some ideas. If you tell them your concern, they just might tell you theirs. Together you may a solution that can grow in popularity if properly nurtured.

This Arriba meeting started off with sound and fury by inducing fear (oppression) with false information (suppression) to influence the vote against having marijuana sold in their town. It reminded me of the dry counties in the South, as recent as the 1980s and how this increased crime (like prohibition does), yet the blame is on allowing freedom. This is also an irony, considering these same people would argue the opposite in defense (as in, the one I'm pointing out) to uphold their gun rights (taking away guns causes the violence - argument).

After this show (public hearing), the public meeting began. Unlike the meeting agenda handed out before the meeting that allowing five minutes per speaker, they announced they were only going to give three minutes each, even though only ten people signed up to speak, despite a larger crowd. Throughout these people speaking up, I noticed
Robert's Rules of Order didn't seem to be recognized. In other words, certain citizens muted. I am told by a reliable source that about 70 of the people at the meeting were visitors from outside the town of Arriba (which would include me), 21 Arriba voters were present, which included the Board.

Another citizen spoke up with their three minutes, and mentioned (as small town gossip is common) a point, as to gossip and rumor are not how government should be handled. The problem is that, it is not supposed to be handled by whispers behind a fence, and go take care of your business properly and legally. This is scary to me. It reminds me of the
Lord of the Flies. Yes, not children, but that same mob fear drive. I remember my own struggles as a child when other children weren't monitored, to the point of being neglected. I was bullied. This seems to be, that a town, improperly governed, can be bullies as well. Has anyone watched Old Westerns and seen what happens when a town has a corrupt Judge? This town has no Judge...

Next, another citizen complained: 'this is not an HOA (Home Owners Association).' I saw how this had some illegal history to their distributions of laws going on. This enlightened me to the significance of no Arriba Municipal Court or Town Judge. I've barely looked into this and there is quite an imbalance as to who gets what law thrown at them and not grandfathered in and who does not. Can a municipal government function as an HOA? There is no separate neighborhoods: and no one signed an HOA contract? The answer is
no. I wonder about people's knowledge of our constitution. Perhaps they've never experienced an HOA before, but before you buy a house or condo with one, that contract requires signing. In any town in the United States, all citizens, whether with property, without property, or rented property, you have the same rights. Such things as HOA's can not put upon them without proper legal notice.

There seemed to be enough citizens wanting a sales tax, and an unknown count as to who didn't want a sales tax. This is a common issue even in our Congress and what people wish for with their taxes. The Council didn't acknowledge it. I think that citizens could petition to have this on the ballot and where such taxes would be directed. I encourage people to pursue the government they wish for and not count on only who you voted for.

It was brought to light that two people were doing a job that is assigned to be for one person. Town maintenance officer had the job of checking water, yet a second person took the water to Denver to be tested (240 miles round trip), the maintenance officer had time and schedule for this in his job description. This is definitely something we see in the macro-level with government contracts and especially military contracts. Government having nonsense salaries (without accountability) then put someone in a position or just it assigned to them without the actual work being done; and the expense not accounted for, or just disappearing out of the miscellaneous fund. This is illustrated right here on the micro-level, called out for the blatant favoritism and misuse of government powers to hire unneeded or falsely needed positions, yet, this was ignored by the Board. If they took note, I could not tell. I do not know if it will come up again unless the citizen keeps bringing it up. I think they could have said,
noted, and we will discuss it next time, like they did for the man requesting clarifications: if his contract with the sewer mapping was going to continue? They added it to the agenda immediately.

There seems to be a hard time getting proper notice to everyone about meetings and changes. This is quite odd considering technology today. There is a citizen, Jeff Fike, that goes out of his way to know the schedule and keeps it on a chalkboard by his mailbox for everyone. This isn't even modern technology and could be adopted easily at their government building, yet isn't. Some relatives and friends of the Council actually complained about the chalkboard. As an outsider, it didn't seem like an eye-sore to me. It looked like a local announcement and that was it. In the towns surrounding Arriba, that had schools, they actually had a billboard for such, and often electric, and lit. So, again, this appeared like games to be “slippery?” I know I am sick of seeing slippery answers on national news channels enough as it is.

They also talked of voter turn out that seemed to be the same as the national percentage, but what was disturbing to me is, there are less than 200 people in this town and the post office (and everything else) is in walking distance and they were in need of a “recount” situation when there was only 62 ballots cast. How does this happen? How does 62 votes get counted wrong or missing, or whatever the problem could be? So, as I am pondering this, the Council decides to vote for an “Election Judge,” but just before they do that, they read to introduce a resolution allowing them to do so under their
said situation, and passed that resolution with a vote of the Board, right there before the Board voted the “Election Judge” in. Wait what?

Finally, they stumbled through something they hadn't done before by sending an ordinance (this ordinance was petitioned by the people, received 57 signatures or 92% of the ballot turnout, a mandate), they came to them with a veto-proof majority (2/3s or more) and they refused it anyway, but did send it to a second vote by
the people.

I know Jefferson County's cities and towns already do votes by the people for changes to the laws, so I'd like to congratulate these citizens for doing the same. The only problem is, when the counsel reads the ordinance (they were going to put on the ballad for the people), the actual typed out description, seems to be evidence of secret meetings as one citizen that had been demanding transparent government, had complained. This is important to know, because the same citizen had been requesting transcripts and proof of everything the government had been doing. So, if this item had been open, he should have known before the meeting. Right?

The Board mentioned (and both sides of the divide agreed) that a request for a security camera should follow through. So, something can be agreed on. That was good to see.

I hope my little trip to a small town proceeding will excite you to see what is happening at yours. I suggest small groups of friends, so everyone can specialize in their own knowledge, to share and be fun where we
like to investigate. Remember disagreements can be just a discussion and not have to be a trolling attack. We have predators and we have prey. We have toxic and non-toxic people in both, so lets clean out some venom in our system please. It does not matter if you are a leader or a follower as to who is the poison. Just remember, there are a lot less of them (toxic people) than they want us to think. It is like the guarder snake that is immune to the viper, we can remember how we are immune to this, and let it roll off of us, so we can get some things done (revolution anyone?).


Politics in a Small Town, Colorado, USA

Politics in Small Town Colorado, USA

Politics in a Small Town, Colorado, USA

I AM NOT Entertained: Because we need more 'Of the people, by the people, for the people.' What is this that we have become padded friends in voting places not voted for, and over-zealous power where representation was all that was ever to be? I know I am not the only one, looking for a place to explain what has tripped up the sleeping people to now be awake, and looking for answers. It has seemed that all the normal routes to a revolution has been squashed from what our own constitution promises to be flexible for. Groups of generations and open eyes, wandering our counties (of our countryside) for a place to take our internet stores and telecommuting jobs to maybe find peace in a pasture or mountain.

Small towns are not what they used to be in more ways than
ghost towning their commerce, and if under a 200 population, they would be lucky to have at least a gas station anymore. It is beyond the great exodus Generation X did when big cities called them to go and be understood (when working hard was not available despite the willingness, because expressing who they were and giving their passions, was more important). Of course, the internet has been blamed, along with ease of a car being able to withstand long trips along the freeway to change where we could go to get what was needed, and we wanted more. There is a corruption, that on a micro-scale, can be seen, even here in small towns of Colorado, as to what is causing multi-generations of unhappiness with our macro-scale, and our country.

So, out in the everywhere Colorado, and pieces of other states' also, it is time for a change among the places abandoned from yesterday, to be a new view again. Despite the shock of corruption that was started a few decades ago into our government and the governed (on the level it is now), we have found on these small glimpses of
I caught you, on small town boards. Though we've found them, can that them possible to clean up? It is desire to research, that is really the recognition, an understanding as important as to have a mobile phone.

Whether realized, it is not what the studies that claim statistics of the populous' shorter attention span, to be true; Because it was an unfair measurement of what is really becoming common among the
developed world. What is really happening is that we are grasping things faster so we need less time to find what we need to enlighten us to our surroundings: even government.

Flash mobs and protests are one thing, but many discovering the truth at once, because the same many have noticed parallel things not adding up, and seeking answers, calling out the
smallest lack of integrity. Fortunately, the ones that do not get personal honesty, do not even know how to defend their toxin, when facing it as an argument. Maybe it is a people, a world, that no longer wants to have psychopaths steal our freedoms and rights to be puppets. We don't want toxin out of our neighbors and we don't want our neighbors fudging their legal stand either.

I remember a day when people, and government, could disagree and not to a polarizing degree (they actually would discuss matters). I remember when people met where they agreed, and built something. I am not the only one that still hunts for and has managed to build such in my relationships, even when government heads seem to think that flash, mirrors, whining, intolerance, and dwelling (to the point of paralysis), is what we've asked to run our country (or our smallest block of houses). Most of us actually like our differences and are ready to work beside the rest our nation, starting with our neighbor, to clean up even small town poisons, to watch it fill our boarders with fellow townships' cures.

Maybe it is as simple as advocating for ourselves and the people we love. Call out toxic people whenever we can, even if we just say, “I disagree with that” and give no other indulgence. Non-toxic people do not mind if you disagree, and uncovering some rocks to reveal what is underneath is not something to always hang around for. When it comes down to trying to pry a few such rocks, remember, if there is a law, you can see it. If there is a recording, you can ask to hear it. We are a transparent government, even if we have to all get together and remind them of it. Make sure, if it is not laws you voted them in to make, have them have the people vote on such. Some counties have the people vote on every change made and new laws. Are they making laws for their friends that others do not get it upon them, and laws on other people that their friends wanted enforced, but they are immune? Call them out! Where are the blanket laws? What happened to grandfathering laws in? Watch out for them making things so general, they can make it fit differently for different people; because a few more sentences to clarify such laws (so people , all people can act accordingly, is fairness) is respect of all the town’s people. That is what government is: representing ALL the people.


When Stars Aren't Shinny

When Stars Aren't Shinny

When Stars Aren't Shinny

We have authors, movie stars, directors, producers, journalists, singers and publishers to enlighten this time. What about the stars when they get overwhelmed with selling themselves or the product they are actually not moving (and as much as it appears that way), the reactions of the audience will reflect their death or rotting and it will be time to go shake it up inside to come back and work on it again. Can you even sell a product if you don't know the product, so recognize, even in a state of wealth and connections, that you have to find yourself again and your fans will drool over your polished up surprise on your next interview. Show them that you are indeed the “new car” they are looking for.

When did the successful being begin to shut down and assume there was a following (take fans for granted) that would follow him/her in any mood? Not true no matter how many candy followers you have. When you are selling your sweetness as hidden fillers and rot, it can be a problem. What took you from believing? Is it personal or a target on the work just done you've out grown or never liked and what can you do to love it again? How about a list of one hundred grateful’s to start with? Most successful people remember being grateful, it got them where they were before. Sometimes it is confiding in a person that will tell you exactly how it is, but successful people have trouble finding those. Journaling can help if you have no truth-stabbers when needed. Look up how to journal or look up “morning pages.”

I would think, when facing the truth of this when you came across this article would be half your battle as to what to do next because you clawed and climbed hard once and you can again. The nice thing is, you are only clawing up a luxury tower, instead of from six feet under where some began. It may not feel like it to climb again, because it surprised you and you'll face some pain that comes from being blinded by your own light, but it will be easier after your look in that mirror, I promise.

What if you only thought you were somewhere and you weren't anywhere near where you were trying to go, but you got caught in the ease, the stop promised? That won't sell to all who follow you when they don't see your self-appreciation and just your ass on a fluffy existence instead. Keep in mind, none of your fans mind you being wealthy from your work and getting a good time in, they are disgusted that you just assume they will be there when you didn't even bother much to put heart into your current showing. Maybe the product was full of heart, but you just think they will see it because you poop gold, not true.

You have to remember how much each of them, you are proud follows you and even the psycho lovers you seem to have snagged. Without any of them, your career is nothing. Just because you've racked a million people keeping track of you, doesn't mean they want to buy what you’re selling just because they followed. They want to know there is still a reason they love you or will spend their precious quality time watching the one who is making them feel that way. You'll have to remember, there are other people getting their numbers. You also can break their hearts if they are devoted and you became a person that you thought was entitled to their love, instead of worth their love. Don’t just love yourself to know you are worthy, love your worthiness too, and show them you love it and them.

Do you remember a time when just one happy viewer was enough and entertaining yourself to get it was the best thing ever? That is the same person that can turn those one million followers back into
watchers of your movies or readers of your articles or listeners of your songs. When was the last time you entertained yourself like that? It can only be a week away and be too far. So figure it out. Do you expect them? Do you do an equivalence of psychically forcing them against their will? People with charisma know they have a similar power and must respect this great power or fans will know and hate you as much as they once loved you. They will run away every time. There is a reason they follow you rather than vote. People are sick of propaganda and if their favorite author or director can't be authentic, someone else will be that for them. There are too many broken relationships because someone was a liar about what they possessed to make there lover feel good, they don't want their stars to be that too.

So, analyze often. Is your star still shinny and what can you do to buff it back up and get back to your roots and grow a new bud on your tree instead of selling your dried dead, cut blooms from the past. Yes, with that metaphor, we can imagine some beautiful dead things, but you have to know what you are selling to get away with that. Good luck my favorites, and lost favorites out there. I'm watching too.

Rest in Peace David Bowie, a star that was never dull. Shine on.


Character Maker

Character maker

Character Maker

Profiler, Psychic, Ghost-hunter, are some of the names a good author was called (perhaps still called) before they were accepted as an author because they finally got published. I mention finally as a dramatic touch, but it is quite true. Most writers, and eventual authors, explained themselves and what they knew, because they were story tellers. No one settled for such things to be true of their story telling on the level of author, until a book was actually out, for these kinds of people to no longer deny this person they've known's talents.

People around them, perhaps even someone like you, have encouraged these people to stop probing in the guise of, 'don't worry so much.' I don't know about other authors, but I do not 'worry' so much about much. I enjoy depth and I enjoy why's. I love to analyze in the thousands of percents on everything. People that you have known all your life or some that have gone in and out of, eventually walk away from such probing people. They were only the wrong people and that is why they do go. We know the monsters and they know when they've been hoarding a few, and they don't want me to know, so they leave. They gain the sympathy of other monster hoarders that their ex is an

I, personally, just label myself as a
horror writer, even though it may only be about a third of my writing. The rest of my writing does penetrate as much as revealing a good monster I suppose. It is just easier with that label because then they, the monster carriers, can just move along. I don't care about the many weird looks I get. Agents that do the same thing, get the same attentions. There wouldn't be so many shows with authors helping find murderers if there wasn't a ring of truth to it. I think that in the real world, most authors do not have monsters, but profilers, also character makers that never became writers until maybe they retire, do get into many heads and find the real world monsters. I personally would love a week of hours of conversation with a profiler. I think we would get along well.

Sometimes I do not mind the title,
ghost hunter, because I do it well. I find history, ancestor's tribal belief passed down systems, and I find the ghosts behind most “small” conversations. I also know when such people are trying to probe me, because the one's with the monsters, try to get into an others head, by crushing their will or spirit. I would never because of many understandings I have learned about people. It is good to know to avoid and write once such personal betrayals are decoded.

It is not hard to be an author's friend. It takes integrity, honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity. Then there is nothing to probe and only the heart to share. I personally find these people rare, and sometimes they show up in fellow authors, but I do love a strong person and these are the descriptions of such. So, how strong is your personality to hold away the monsters your family passed down?