Jun 2015

Jane World Book 1 Release Party


Jane World Book Release Party

E-book UK: http://amzn.to/1HwlA6a 
E-book US:

This party took place on Twitter on June 12, 2015, from 12pm to 5pm Mountain Time. I list the questions and answers in order of asked and the questioner’s links to their Twitter page. I had a lot of fun and would like to think that everyone that played with me did to and would like to thank everyone who participated. I have adjusted the posts to from their 140 characters to take out abbreviations and improper spacing only. The ones with no lead in were asked by me:

I'll start: How did I come up with the first Jane World story?

I used a stack of old poems as plot outlines, after I wrote ten pages in my journal to figure out starting my blog.

https://twitter.com/Leesa_wallace :

What was your inspiration for the stories in Jane World?

I wanted to start a blog of fiction and I wanted a strong female lead that expressed what I was going through.

https://twitter.com/Leesa_wallace :

Transient State and Jane World are both set in worlds that are nothing like ours. How did you dream these worlds up?

I think they represent a universe inside me & these are different places inside that. TS my past & Jane my healing

Transient State was the planet that scientists say is a ring in orbit in our solar system.
Jane World was the depths of the caves that led to my inner workings that I didn't even know the path to before I wrote her.

Do you drink coffee or tea or some other favorite?


Do you write your Poetry Blog ahead of time when you are on a roll?
I write that poem within 2 days of posting each week.

Who are most of your poems about?

Most are about me, or to the man that lives inside my head. The only way I can figure him out sometimes.

How layered is my humor, does anyone even get them?

Good question; Oh, I'm answering myself...usually at least 3, I'd say, 3 layers

How tall am I?

Okay 5'6"

https://twitter.com/Leesa_wallace :

How would you describe Jane World to others?

Oh My! That's a stumper...A complex woman goes out into her world and discovers her layers: A world as strong as her.

https://twitter.com/Kensington_Gore :
Where do you get your inspiration for your paintings?

...From my emotions. The first brush stroke is mine and the rest is something else as they say. I try to bring out the unsaid.

https://twitter.com/Kensington_Gore :
What medium do you feel happiest painting in?

Acrylic live, and of course the computer's paint board in digital paintings.

https://twitter.com/debbym :
If you could only ever read one more book in your life, which book would you choose and why?

I'd answer this different depending on the day, but I'd say Harry Potter, I have a crush on Snape. I love anti-heros.

https://twitter.com/Kensington_Gore :
You use colour real well. Do you have a favourite colour ?

Black and White usually. I add color alone to stand out. I often go to red, but purple is my favorite.

https://twitter.com/debbym :
When are you at your most productive where writing is concerned?

I write at night by myself. I love pushing myself, so I'll tell myself how many pages & that gives it to me.

https://twitter.com/GorePublishing :
What is your favourite Fairy Tale?

Wow, my head hurts. I just wrote a novel with fairies in it, does that count? I'd say, a Grim tale could stimulate.

https://twitter.com/debbym :
When you're not busy writing what's your favourite way to relax?

I love to study. I also watch a lot of Investigative Detective TV. I'm a mystery documentary nerd.

https://twitter.com/GorePublishing :
Who is your favourite chachter you have created?

I have a new character I named Delight. It usually is my newest characters. I also like Brian, from a script I did.

https://twitter.com/GraemeParker70 :

Who are your favourite writers & who inspires you?

Anne Rice changed me when I came of age so to speak. Interviews with authors on Charlie Rose, are quite a muse.

https://twitter.com/Leesa_wallace :

What makes a good book in your opinion?

Surprise. I have to not be able to guess the story. That was why I didn't read when I was a girl, but I found them.

https://twitter.com/Kensington_Gore :
What do you enjoy writing the most? Poetry or stories?

They're different parts of me. Poetry is a release, like a laugh or cry; and stories find even more secrets in me. Equal.

https://twitter.com/Leesa_wallace :

I love a book that's unpredictable too. Is there a specific genre you enjoy reading?

Dark Fantasy is my usual. Even the horrors I like are usually cross-genred to that. I can write a straight horror though.

https://twitter.com/Leesa_wallace :

If you could visit anywhere, real or fictional and money no option, where would you go?

London would be fun, my daughter makes Warrior cats sound nice, but I don't know if I want to be a cat. Hogwarts!

https://twitter.com/Leesa_wallace :

London's a great city (although I may be biased!). Do you write more at night or in the morning?

Night, my brain takes awhile to forget I'm me, so by the time I put my daughter to bed, I'm ready to be another story.
Then sleep is my reward!

I wouldn't mind meeting a real profiler or two, those would be fun conversations...

https://twitter.com/Leesa_wallace :

Do you prefer the city or the countryside?

Can I say Yes, to both? I enjoy the mind of a city person & all that is close, but I love the silence & nature.

https://twitter.com/Leesa_wallace :

You can say both as I'm probably a bit that way too. I enjoy the excitement of the city but nature has beauty and serenity.

It is my plan to get a house up here w/ a mountain view, *le sigh* I do see them on my walk though, everyday.

https://twitter.com/Kensington_Gore :
Are you Jane? and if so who is your Tarzan?

Inside my mind is Jane, and I would say, that is where Tarzan currently is too. He needs to come out and meet me...

https://twitter.com/Kensington_Gore :
I heard that on the grapevine. What's next writing wise for you?

I'll put my 8 scripts into 2nd draft, finish my other 4 script’s 1st draft, turn 3 of that pile of scripts into horror novellas, and 2nd draft for novel 2.

Another next for me is
#EntertainmentWriter. I'm building articles weekly here. Such a fun world to watch, and tell...

https://twitter.com/Leesa_wallace :

Do you enjoy writing on a computer, a typewriter, or with the traditional pen and paper?

I do both. I journal, some poems, and notes for stories by hand and most else I type as fast as I can and do 10 pages...

https://twitter.com/Leesa_wallace :

If you could travel back in time, which era would you visit and why?

If we could pretend that I would have as much women s rights, Ancient Egypt, because MAGIC is in everything...

...otherwise a Viking, because women did everything men did over there, they recently uncovered, plus MAGIC

I enjoyed this party and looking forward to more. Thanks for joining me.